Artist of the Month

I am honoured to be selected as Orange Art Society’s “Artist of The Month” beginning March 8 until April 10th.

The show will feature 20 ‘bird motif’ works executed in various mediums including oil on canvas and mixed mediums on paper.

Bird motif art works have, over the years, been a passion of mine. I have executed images in various artistic styles. The works in this exhibition fall under what might best be described as the ‘expressionistic’ approach.  

I have tried to capture what I consider the ‘worldliness’ of bird life. How their presents compliments the complexity of the other life forms that make up our environment. How without their ‘being’, there would be a painful void in the world.

This effort will be part of the newest exhibition of the Orange Art Society to be held at the Orange Cultural Centre and will be available for viewing from March 8th through the 10th of April. The Centre is located off Sale Street in the Woolworth car park. The exhibition will be open to the public from March 8 through until April 10. Entry into Centre is through the doors on the Woolworth side of the building just across from Harris Farm. Admission is free and the exhibition is open most days. If the door is open and the banner flying come on in!   

Official exhibition opening

The official opening of the Orange Art Society Artists of the Month will be held on March 14th from 2 till 4 PM, refreshments will be available.

Featured performer

The opening will also feature the music of local cellist Isabelle Clarke-Randazzo.  Isabelle is a local 17 year 12 student at James Sheahan high-school. She has played in concert performances at the Sydney Opera House with the London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Concertgebouw, and the Australian World Orchestra and for several charitable fund raising events.

Hank Spirek Artist