Hank Spirek Accepted by Professional Artists Website Artsy Shark

Hank Spirek Accepted as a Featured Artist

I am very pleased to announce that I have been accepted by the Florida based Artist Promotional website, Artsy Shark.

Artsy Shark features and promotes artists by publishing their individual portfolio articles. Since 2010, more than 1,600 artists have been accepted through their selection process and been featured on the site.

Artists apply through and are accepted or rejected via a competitive Call for Artists submission process that happens several times per year. Their focus is on publishing information that is useful and actionable for readers and artists, whether they are just getting started or have years of experience.

The portfolio I chose to exhibit includes a range of mixed media works that stretch the boundaries of realism. Hence, this is why I headline the works as Expressive Destructive Realism.

Selected Art Portfolio

These selected works were chosen for submission to Artsy Shark.

Click on images for larger viewing.

These works belong to a style known as “Disrupted Realism”. Though not actually a “style” per se, it is a broad term used to classify art that tries to reshape traditional realism.

Disrupted Realism is as individual as the artists themselves, with overlapping sets of developments that cross international borders and stylistic boundaries. The uniting characteristic is the need to include the emotion of their artistic process.

Materials and Process

I use different mediums depending on the piece I am working on.

For works on cotton duck canvas I use a mixture of oil, watercolour and pastels.

Works that I classify as drawings are done on Fabriano 300 gsm paper. They are constructed mainly with watercolour and pastels and, where required, include touches of oil paint.

The base artworks described as using mixed media are created in a similar manner. These works are then photographed and Photoshopped before being professionally printed. Following this, the printed images are reworked with various mediums until I am satisfied with the result.

My subject matter varies as inspiration strikes me, although there are some common themes that run through my artwork. My favourite topics range from whimsical to surreal figurative works or ones using birds or creatures of the animal kingdom.

I strive to produce powerful images by whatever means necessary that will cause the viewer to stop and think. This provides me an opportunity to explore multiple artistic techniques and at the same time, state various metaphysical issues.

You can read the original Featured Artist article on Artsy Shark here.

If you would like to purchase work, request further information, or have an exhibition proposal, please contact me