New Artists Group Forming in Orange

We have formed a new group of artists, known as ‘The Orange Fauve’s Artists’. We are keen to support each other’s artistic endeavours and to exhibit around Orange and beyond.

As of January 2020, there are four members of the group, all with various lengths of experience. All members are keen on producing and exhibiting their vibrant artwork and images to the world.

The Group is very excited about its future.

Artist group members

The first member of the group is me, Hank Spirek. I am going to explore my sculptural side with free-standing works suitable for tables and other flat surfaces. It is also my intent to produce ‘relief’ styled pieces suitable to be hung on walls. I will also continue exploring multimedia works on paper. The prices for my artworks will be as reasonable as possible so that all can experience a Spirek original.

Kaye Partridge is an abstract landscape artist who uses acrylic paints on canvas. Kaye is an active and long-time member of the Orange Art Society and the Joy Engleman’s ‘Wilderest’ Group. The Wilderist Group travel to the outback in search remote locations in which to paint.

The third member of the group is Maggie Rosso. Maggie uses numerous mediums in her creative process. She produces both sculptural and printed images. I would describe Maggie’s artwork as ones that tell a colourful story. She also is a member of the Wilderist Group.

The fourth member is Fayah McKenzie. While Fayah is relatively new to art she has produced a wide range of images both printed, sculptural and painted. Artworks using tiles is one of Fayah’s passions. She also is a member of the Wilderist Group.   

Art Exhibitions for 2020

As of January 2020, there are two exhibitions set.

The first art exhibition will be held at the Tap Gallery in Sydney. This exhibition will run from June 1st through to June 14th.

The second art exhibition will be held at the Milk Factory Gallery in Bowral. The exhibition will run from October 1st through to October 14th, 2020.

The group will also apply to exhibit at Orange’s Corner Store Gallery again after June 2020.

For any artist interested in joining our art group, please contact me directly.

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