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Hank Spirek Artist

Hank Spirek is a multimedia artist based in Orange, NSW, Australia.

His career has spanned over 50 years across the mediums of drawing, painting, print-making, sculpture and digital art. He is widely traveled, and this influenced his artwork in both subject and styles.

Hank’s art is an attempt to capture the emotional essence of the subject at hand, whatever the specifics of that may be. His subject matter often includes birds and other wildlife, portraits and figurative works (both real and surreal), as well as glimpses into the world around us.

Art Galleries

Please take the time to view some of Hank’s artwork or learn more about his history and influences.

If you are interested in viewing artwork live, learn more about upcoming exhibitions.

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figurative art print The Beauty
art print Finches No.4
art historical print After Rembrandt
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